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Born in Germany and grown up in Singapore, Dr. Thomas Schinecker studied genetics in Salzburg, Austria, and received his PhD in molecular biology from New York University in 2003. Afterwards he joined Roche as part of a management development program. This was followed by various roles across six different countries and three continents, all at Roche’s Diagnostics Division, which is the world leader in vitro diagnostics, focusing on advancing science to improve people’s lives. Since 2019, Dr. Thomas Schinecker has been leading the division’s global business as CEO. Throughout his 18 years at Roche, Dr. Thomas Schinecker served as Head of Marketing and Sales in Austria, as Lifecycle Leader for Diagnostics’ Sequencing Solutions at Roche in Branford and Madison, USA, and as General Manager of Roche Diagnostics in Sweden as well as in Germany. Before taking on his current role as CEO Roche Diagnostics, he was the Head of Diagnostics’ business area Centralized and Point of Care.

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